A Virtuous and fatherly teacher, a noble politician and
an eminent educationist
Former Deputy Minister of Education and the Monitoring Member of Parliament for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development.


A strong believer in humanitarianism. The visionary educator who is willing to hold the responsibility of four million students of this country. I have always stood up for the students and for the wellbeing of the education system in Sri Lanka. Over the last ten years, the Mohan Lal Grero Foundation, a charity organization established by an Act of Parliament has contributed immensely to improve education, knowledge development and to alleviate poverty by means of a series of programmes conducted free of charge.

community service

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    Fishman Development Program

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    Free English Education Programs

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    Job Bank

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    United youth school

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    School Development Program


I was born in 1956 in Colombo to a middle class family in Pamankade - Wellawatte. My father was a Mechanical Superintendent and my mother a house wife. I have four brothers and no sisters. We were brought up as honest practicing Buddhists. The values that my parents taught me have always guided me.

Today I have accomplished much and I am also grateful to my family, my wife Kumari whom I have been married to for 22 years and my Son Nikitha and Daughter Nardhya. My family is very much involved with my social and community work and they have been an inspiration in my life

My Philosophy

I am committed to the very operation of total and wholesome education. Education must have a holistic view. Whilst education should help individuals to transcend above their current situations it should also draw all ethnic groups, communities, religions and races closer to each other and usher in peace and harmony. My belief is that the local community i.e. civil society, businessmen, workers, consumers, suppliers, producers etc, should be brought together to work with one vision that is provided by leaders to develop this country.

My Beliefs

II believe that I should serve all people irrespective of their ethnicity, race, creed, party politics or religion. I believe it is my prime duty to make fearless, bold, hard and correct decisions at every turn so that it benefits all in the long term. I appreciate that some of my decisions may not be popular at any given point of time yet it is my responsibility to educate all concerned as to what is right and prudent. (But all decision should be followed with definite action if not they would be like good intentions and resolutions that does not change anything. - not necessary) If I detach myself from my ego and focus on others rather than giving pride of place to myself, I would be taking the first step towards banishing the pangs of sorrow. That is what Gauthama Buddha said and I believe that if I could base my life and my political career on this principle, then I will be truly serving Sri Lanka. All religions point to this universal and divine principal.

latest news

A decision has been taken to make a pass mark compulsory for OL Mathematics subject for students to qualify entering GCE AL. This decision does not agree with the modern educational psychology. Hon. Mohan Lal Grero, the Colombo District Member of Parliament stated so at the inauguration of the fifth phase of the Diploma Program on Early Childhood Development conducted by Lyceum International School. He further said that it is only 11% of students excel in mathematics. When children poorly performed in mathematical skills; we must be able to identify their hidden potentials and show them the appropriate path to build up their future. Any children has different kinds of talents such as linguistic, Logical / methodical, musical /rhythmic, kinesthetic, spatial, naturalistic, intra personal and inter personal intelligences. These intelligences have developed in different degrees in each child. It is important to identify such skills and intelligences and help them to build up their career along those abilities. There is a also a necessity to transfer social and cultural values, religious practices, success stories and experience of current generation to next generation. Attention of policy makers in the education sector should be drawn in addressing these issues. Our education system needs to be reformed to fulfill these objectives.

My Gallery

My Project

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    National Education Policy and an Education Act

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    Development of 1000 Secondary Schools

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    5000 Primary Feeder Schools Development project

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    The construction of 25 University Colleges is already underway

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    Mahindodaya Technological Laboratories Concept

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