I was born in 1956 in Colombo to a middle class family in Pamankade – Wellawatte. My father was a Mechanical Superintendent and my mother a house wife. I have four brothers and no sisters. We were brought up as honest practicing Buddhists. The values that my parents taught me have always guided me.

Today I have accomplished much and I am also grateful to my family, my wife Kumari whom I have been married to for 22 years and my Son Nikitha and Daughter Nardhya. My family is very much involved with my social and community work and they have been an inspiration in my life

My Philosophy

I am committed to the very operation of total and wholesome education. Education must have a holistic view. Whilst education should help individuals to transcend above their current situations it should also draw all ethnic groups, communities, religions and races closer to each other and usher in peace and harmony. My belief is that the local community i.e. civil society, businessmen, workers, consumers, suppliers, producers etc, should be brought together to work with one vision that is provided by leaders to develop this country.

My Country

When I refer to Sri Lanka I consider every living thing in the country – the people, the animal life, the fauna and flora. I also consider every thing that is intrinsic to our land – the mountains and valleys, the rivers and lakes, the rocks and stones and the soil of the land that make it what it is – The Pearl of the Indian Ocean. I even think about the very fresh air that blows across the land. Nothing can be isolated when we think of development of the country. It should benefit all life forms and the environment.

My Beliefs

I believe that I should serve all people irrespective of their ethnicity, race, creed, party politics or religion.
I believe it is my prime duty to make fearless, bold, hard and correct decisions at every turn so that it benefits all in the long term.  I appreciate that some of my decisions may not be popular at any given point of time yet it is my responsibility to educate all concerned as to what is right and prudent. (But all decision should be followed with definite action if not they would be like good intentions and resolutions that does not change anything. – not necessary)

If I detach myself from my ego and focus on others rather than giving pride of place to myself, I would be taking the first step towards banishing the pangs of sorrow. That is what Gauthama Buddha said and I believe that if I could base my life and my political career on this principle, then I will be truly serving Sri Lanka. All religions point to this universal and divine principal.

A Leaders’ Responsibility

 I  I believe that I should serve all people irrespective of their ethnicity, race, creed, party politics or religion.

 Leaders must lead by example. If peace is not in the hearts of those in the uppermost seats of rulership but within a few learned and enlightened people in the peripheries, then they will be like fireflies in the night trying to guide great ships on a stormy night. Leaders in the parliament and cabinet must have peace within so that they could be like a great beacon of light directing all and quenching the fires of hatred that may burn within many and thus will be able to bring about sustainable peace

Major Achievements

 I  I founded the chain of Lyceum International Schools in 1993 which has become one of the largest international schools in Sri Lanka with over 7000 students. Lyceum International was awarded the prestigious national productivity award in 2003

Taught Physics and Mathematics to over 400,000 A level and O level students during the last 3 decades

Editor and publisher of “Vidula” educational newspaper

Authored and published over17 books on the subjects of Science and Mathematics for GCE Advanced level students

Educational Record

Received primary education at Royal College and secondary education at Ananda College

B.Sc. in Engineering ( Hons) from the University of Moratuwa

Executive Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Colombo

Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colombo

Qualified as a teacher in Daham Pasal ( Buddhist Sunday School)  from Sri Dharmodaya Dhamma School

Sports and Hobbies

Scuba Diving and deep sea diving


Nature preservation work

Social service

Flying (holds a private licence as a airplane pilot)

Martial Arts expert

My Achievements as a Studen

Mary Ratnam Challenege Shield as the best young all island speaker in 1969 
All island best speaker in Bandaranaike Memorial Speech Contest in 1972

Junior and Senior debating captain of Ananda College Colombo 10 ( 1972 and 1974)

One of the best students in the island at the Advanced Level Examination in 1974

Won the Professor Linus Silva Challenge Gold Medal for Business Writing from the University of Colombo in 1993