My Political History and the Future

There is more than one definition for a politician because different people enter politics for different reasons. A Politician is a person who is actively involved in politics especially party politics. Then again a politician is a person who holds or seeks political office. However John F Kennedy once said “Mothers may still want their favourite sons to grow up to be President, but they do not want them to become politicians in the process” Well the third definition is a disturbing one – it describes a politician as one who seeks personal or partisan gain, often by scheming and maneuvering. Unfortunately today the peace loving and hard working citizens who have been exploited by politicians view the so called leaders in this manner. I realized that I have to work hard to change this perception.
When I observed that the status of education in Sri Lanka was weakening and was on a downward trend, I could not stand by and watch. Therefore in 2004, I decided to enter politics with the sole objective of one day becoming the Education Minister of this country. I decided that I would introduce and implement an Educational Policy that would best suit our country and uplift the whole system.
I am an Educationist and had little experience in any type of party politics. However

I was able to:-.

  • Obtain over 60,000 votes in the 2009 W.P.C Election
    (The second highest UNP candidate the Colombo District)
  • Obtain 68,008 preferential votes in the 2010 parliamentary election (The third UNP candidate the Colombo District)
  • Voted for the 2012 budget and joined the Government on 30th November 2011.)
  • Hon. President Mahinda Rajapaksa has appointed as the Monitoring MP of the Ministry of Education on 02-12-2011.
  • – Assuming duties as the Monitoring MP of the Ministry of Education 13-12-2011.
  • I believe that if honest men and women who have been destined to take on the mantle of leadership in this country take the initiative and fearlessly do what is required, then we could take Sri Lanka to a higher level of competitiveness and be on par with any developed country in the world. Our country is rich with natural resources. We have the people with intelligence, skills and capabilities to take us to the next level. What we lack is vision and a strategy to develop our country in a holistic manner. I believe that Education is the chief cornerstone of the entire development process in Sri Lanka. I may appear to be bold and presumptuous in your sight to ask for endorsement, but it is with great humility that I am requesting you to support my journey. I believe it is a journey we will take together to usher in a greater Sri Lankan society.s.

    I need your endorsement…. I need your support ….. I need your backing ….

    Senior CitizensOHeritage Our Heritage

    If we nurture our children properly we will establish a bright future for our land. We must teach them good values and we must be their role models. We must give them all the opportunities to prosper. Proficiency in English, access to information is the all important doorway to a world of opportunities. I have embraced a vision to develop our young to face the future

    Children Our Future

    A World Bank in-depth study report shows that Sri Lanka has the fastest ageing population in South Asia. It’s time for the policy makers to take the matter seriously. Sri Lanka will face a massive social challenge to provide income, health and other types of support to its elderly population in just over two decades. I believe that senior citizens have so much to offer to society in terms of their knowledge and experience and they could play a vital part in guiding the young. They could also offer guidance to civil societies and non governmental organizations engaged in social work. Spectacles to the senior citizens provide more than sight. It gives them dignity

    Teach them tofand they will never be hungry

    Vocational training is the backbone that supports small enterprise growth and entrepreneurship in a country. When you teach someone a trade and upgrade their skills you strengthen their future and make them stand on solid ground. Skills can never be taken away from a person and it will always sustain him. So we teach people to sew, to repair household appliances, plumbing, electrical work, to drive heavy vehicles, etc so that they would earn a living with self respect.

    Taking care of the weak

    It is said that a society that looks after its young, the weak, the disabled and the old is truly rich in all aspects – Spiritually, Socially, Economically, Morally and Emotionally.
    Unfortunately we have become so individualistic in our lifestyles today that we are straying away from our rich cultural heritage. I wish to lead by example. All the social work that I do is done with one purpose. I hope that others would follow me and continue the good work.